Friday, December 11, 2015

Start Over

This song has a lot of meaning to me. Its not like any other song someone would listen to. But this song speaks to my heart and if you listen to the lyrics you can see that there is a meaning behind everything in the song, that can guide your path.

Comparison Essay

Thanksgiving or
In my opinion I honestly think that Thanksgiving is so much better than Christmas.Why? A lot of people take things for granted and the thing i love about Thanksgiving is that you spend time with your family and even if  you really don't want to you have to sit through a whole meal and share things and connect as a family. Thanksgiving has always been a holiday to share with the family and no matter who sits with you that day you have to consider that you only have one family and you have to be thankful for that no matter what. The only reason why i have such a strong feeling about this is because a lot of personal things happened to me this year and it allowed me to be in a place where i am very happy to have finally see how a real family works and what the meaning of a true family is. I think that Thanksgiving was created to be with family and be happy and enjoy your time as one. Don't get me wrong i believe that Christmas is amazing a lot of religion comes with it. Its an amazing time as well but i feel like people look forward to a lot of things and they get let down. Its as if they have high expectations and they get let down at the end of everything. Christmas is only a good holiday if you see a good meaning but for me thanksgiving has a lot more meaning. I guess one can say my feelings are personal to the Holiday. 


Response to Themes in Play


I want to write about immigration because its something that I will always have an opinion no matter what. In the play we see that parents will do anything they can to be able maintain their family. In the play we are able to see that parents don't have a limit, they would do anything to provide all they can for the ones they love. I believe that being in the position where you can not get a good paying job to be able to afford things hurts you a lot and it puts you in a really tough position. Ana tried to do everything she could to be able to have money to bring her kid from El Salvador but she couldn't at the end. Why? Because something happened to her son that was with them. He had an asthma attack and he died from it. Which sucked and she was in so much pain along with her husband. She thought that it was a really bad idea to bring her other son because I feel like what her son went through put her in that position. I feel like when people struggle with money it puts them in a really major tough position and it feel like their hands are tied. Its a like they don't know what the best choice is and if they don't decide someone else will and they are not going to like the results because of that. Immigration is something that nobody can really control and being an immigrant sucks. There is so much that someone is not allowed to do and that stops them from doing what they wished they could do. But they awesome thing is that when you are in that position it does not mean you give up. It means that you fight with everything you have, YOU are the one that has to want it more than anybody else! Its a fight that you are going to win, no matter what!

Friday, November 6, 2015

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Fast food is simply a part of our culture. The faster we can get to our food the faster we can get on to the next task. Some people may think that this is really something not necessary but if you think about it buying fast food every single day and not watching how much money you spend daily might put you in a position where money starts to become a problem especially if you have a big family. For example: If you are busy running the kids from practice to practice or you are running late for a meeting skipping meals may seem like the thing to do but the reality is not eating is far worse than eating fast food. Thinking about home made meals is something that people find difficult a lot of the time. Why? Because people have a lot of responsibilities and they might be busy most of their time so because of that they cant put time and effort into it because the other option is just to buy fast food. Food is something to really keep in mind.
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