Friday, October 2, 2015

Timed Writing #1

Should all people go to college when they graduate from high school? If yes, why? If no, why not? 

Should people go to college when they graduate from high school? I believe that its a yes and no kinda answer because there is no right or wrong answer. Going to college after you graduate from high school should be your option and maybe your parents depending on how you look at your own life. Some students believe that going to college right after graduating is a good thing to do for a couple of reasons. One is because that way you don't forget anything that you learn in high school. A second one is that if you decide to take a break from going straight to college after you graduate and get involve with other things you might loose interest in school. As a person we all know that life gets in the way no matter what you can't control  everything in our life's. 

Others say that no, not everybody should go to school after graduating from high school. Some people decide to just give up on school after the 4 worst years of their life's. Some sort of spark just dies and they give up just like nothing which is a very upsetting thing. Other people don't go to college after they graduate high school because they can't afford it and deiced to take a year off of collage to try to save up for college. Some people don't always have the money or the grades to go to college and they really want to attend college but cant so that's why they take that break from college.

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  1. You made some great points for why students should or should not go to college after school. I love how you meantioned the "spark", for most people have an strong interest in an activity. Next step is to expand your vocabulary to really start to draw people into your writing's; as well as, fix some grammar mistakes.