Friday, December 11, 2015

Comparison Essay

Thanksgiving or
In my opinion I honestly think that Thanksgiving is so much better than Christmas.Why? A lot of people take things for granted and the thing i love about Thanksgiving is that you spend time with your family and even if  you really don't want to you have to sit through a whole meal and share things and connect as a family. Thanksgiving has always been a holiday to share with the family and no matter who sits with you that day you have to consider that you only have one family and you have to be thankful for that no matter what. The only reason why i have such a strong feeling about this is because a lot of personal things happened to me this year and it allowed me to be in a place where i am very happy to have finally see how a real family works and what the meaning of a true family is. I think that Thanksgiving was created to be with family and be happy and enjoy your time as one. Don't get me wrong i believe that Christmas is amazing a lot of religion comes with it. Its an amazing time as well but i feel like people look forward to a lot of things and they get let down. Its as if they have high expectations and they get let down at the end of everything. Christmas is only a good holiday if you see a good meaning but for me thanksgiving has a lot more meaning. I guess one can say my feelings are personal to the Holiday. 

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  1. Very nice ending1 I love how you made that personal connection with us; as well as, talked about how important a meaning is to a holiday. Just be careful of run on sentences. ~KP